Soft Box


Paperboard is most similar to thick paper rather than cardboard and is an affordable packaging choice for small products. This is why it’s seen used in anything from fast food packaging, to product display boxes used in supermarkets for boxed packaged goods. What it lacks in rigidity, it makes up for in its readiness to be manipulated, cut, folded, and printed or colored with a variety of finishes.
It’s made from wood pulp and can be made from 100% recycled material. Depending on its final application, 1-ply or multiple-ply forms exist, although, for packaging which is meant to provide protection to small consumer goods and is likely shaped to fit, a multi-ply form will be more appropriate as it is stronger than single-ply which can flex quite easily. Price-wise, in general paperboard is inexpensive as you would expect of paper, although it can still be printed and given a premium finish or texture and so is relevant for use retail packaging. If coated with an antistatic chemical, it can even be used to package electronics safely, too. Benefits
  • Reasonably affordable
  • Has a large variety of applications
  • Can be made by hand and doesn’t require machinery to construct
  • Recyclable and can use 100% sustainable material (paper), so is a ‘green’ choice
  • Easy to cut and alter into many forms
  • Great for products and goods of almost any shape and size
  • Lacks strength and rigidity, especially 1-ply paperboard
  • May not withstand moisture, dust, and other contaminants well depending on the form and finish
  • Not as ‘premium’ as other packaging types
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