• EXPERIENCE With over 50 years of experience Aleph has been producing over 100 million medical leaflets.
  • Equipments Regular maintenance on our state-of-the-art equipment allows customer satisfaction consistently.
  • Zero Defect Policy We are proud to say that for two consecutive years we have had zero defects in medical leaflets.
  • Production Speed Three production lines allow flexible and fast production to match our clients needs.
  • PAPER EXPERTISE We import specialised paper in 45 47 50 55 and 60 GSM with excellent runnability on machines. Our paper is available in white and extreme white.
  • FOLDING We have three folding machines dedicated to leaflet folding. These machines allow extreme precision even at high speed.
  • International Shipping We can send by sea to Jordan in fifteen days it will reach destination. We can send urgent orders by air in two days.
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